Tooth Extractions in Mesa, AZ

Dentists always work to save a tooth; however, there are situations where they say that your tooth has to be extracted. At Power Dental, our dentists near you conduct extractions safely and expertly. Our extraction process is quick and painless; therefore, you shouldn’t worry about anything.

Before extracting the tooth, our dentists in Mesa, AZ do an exam. A tooth may be stuck below the gums, requiring a more invasive procedure. In such as case, we can discuss your sedation options. Besides administering a localized anesthetic, we might also give you a sedative drug to cool down your nervousness or make you relax so that we work on the tooth smoothly.

Why Would You Need Tooth Extractions?

Dentists may suggest that you have teeth extracted if they are badly diseased, damaged, or decayed to a point where we cannot restore them. Also, if a tooth is impacted and is causing trouble or has the potential to bring problems, you may require tooth extractions near you.

A crowded mouth can necessitate tooth removal to successfully allow other teeth to undergo the alignment procedure. Our dentists ensure that Mesa, AZ extractions are done when they have to be and only as a last option.

Types of Extractions

Our dentists in Mesa, AZ perform both simple and surgery-based extractions.

  • Simple Extractions – These are easy procedures and require little or no major healing time. A simple extraction is done when a tooth is visible. The tooth is loosened from its socket with an elevator before being pulled using a forceps. You can have multiple simple extractions done in one appointment.
  • Surgical Extractions – Our dentists will do surgical extractions if a tooth isn’t visible in the mouth. A broken tooth that leaves the root intact or a wisdom tooth that hasn’t come in requires surgical extractions near you. Small incisions are done in the gum, providing access to the tooth. A dentist then removes the tooth whole or by breaking it into pieces.

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