Root Canal Therapy in Mesa, AZĀ 

If you can answer “yes” to one or more of the following questions, there’s a high probability that root canal therapy is needed to correct the symptoms:

  • Do you have a severe toothache?
  • Do you experience hot or cold sensitivity in a tooth?
  • Do you notice tenderness and swelling in your gums?
  • Do you notice a darkening in the color of your gums?
  • Do you have a recurring pimple-type growth on your gums?

Although answers of “yes” to these questions could also be signs of other conditions (such as eroded tooth enamel or oral cancer, to name a few), these are the symptoms most commonly associated with the need for root canal therapy. The procedure removes the infected pocket that has formed at the end of the roots of your tooth and responsible for your discomfort.

The good news about root canal treatment from our dentists in Mesa, AZ at Power Dental is that any pain associated with your symptoms is immediately eliminated after your procedure. Even if your pain and discomfort come and go to the point that they can be tolerated, it’s recommended that you schedule a root canal to keep the infection from spreading.

Procedure for Root Canal Therapy Near You

Every procedure will be unique to each patient based on several factors such as the tooth’s location, the gum area’s health, medications currently being taken, and other factors. However, most root canal treatments will require two appointments to remove the decayed nerve tissue, allow time for healing, and then fill the tooth’s interior with a tooth-colored compound or cover it with a dental crown. When you visit Power Dental for your root canal diagnosis and treatment plan, our dental care team will provide you with information specific to your tooth restoration.

There are no alternative treatment options for an infected tooth apart from root canal therapy besides tooth extraction and replacement of the tooth, both of which are more complicated and costly.

Stop Your Toothache Today

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