Restorative Dentistry in Mesa, AZ

Dental trauma, infection, tooth loss, and damage are painful and can intensely limit your eating and speaking ability. We at Power Dental utilize restorative dentistry treatments, including dental crowns, fillings, dentures, and bonding, to restore each patient’s oral health and recover and restore their bite’s functionality.

Our dentists in Mesa, AZ and the team at our dental clinic goes above and beyond to give you support, attention, and the guidance you need as we provide you with high-quality personalized dental care and treatment.

Our Restorative Dentistry Treatments

Depending on your dental care needs, we can receive any of these procedures from our dental clinic in Mesa, AZ. The procedures can be tailored to each patient’s unique dental needs.

  • Dental Crowns – We place tooth crowns to preserve your natural tooth’s structure or replace the visible part of the tooth from the gumline to the enamel. Tooth crowning can provide added strength and support to a damaged tooth.
  • Bone Grafting – Our dentists near you can perform bone grafting for patients who have their bone deteriorating due to tooth loss or the impact of periodontitis. It is necessary for rebuilding the jawbone. We may conduct bone grafting before implant placement treatments if needed. If bone loss takes its toll on the surrounding teeth, we may also perform bone grafting to preserve your natural teeth.
  • Fillings – We can place fillings when you have a damaged tooth, but placing a full dental crown isn’t necessary. We provide traditional amalgam and composite resin or tooth-colored fillings for a natural-looking tooth.
  • Dentures – Our dentists near you provide traditional and implant dentures to replace one tooth, several teeth, or entire dental arches.
  • Dental Bridges – If you have lost multiple adjacent teeth, you can consider a dental bridge. Our dentist will place the bridge over the healthy neighboring teeth, and the artificial tooth will fill the space left by the lost teeth.

Visit Power Dental or book an appointment with our Mesa, AZ dentists to start your journey to restoring a healthy, functional, strong, and beautiful bite and smile.

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