Periodontics in Mesa, AZ

Strong, firmly attached, healthy gums symbolize a healthy smile. Power Dental, our periodontist in Mesa, AZ, helps patients keep healthy gums and avert many repercussions of untreated gum disease.

We understand that each patient has unique dental care needs; this way, we take our time to educate the patients regarding gum disease and what they can do to prevent and stop its development and progression. We have the best periodontist dedicated to providing effective, tailored treatment and management tactics and programs for gum disease.

What Does Our Periodontist Do?

Periodontics in Mesa, AZ, is the best resource for tackling gum disease and the effects it causes on your mouth. At our dental office, we have a collection of periodontal services available to our patients, and they include:

Periodontal Therapy

Our dentist in Mesa treats periodontal disease using less invasive and conservative methods like deep cleaning and antibiotics. Where gum disease has progressed, our local dentist uses surgical treatments to reclaim gum health. Our non-surgical treatment entails scaling and root planing. This procedure cleans the areas above the gum line and the ones underneath it. It also involves smoothing the tooth roots.

Dental Implants Placement

Our periodontal dentist also places tooth implants that look natural and provide lasting solutions for tooth loss. We embed the implant post into the jawbone, allowing it to osseointegrate with the bone. The implant post or screw provides a stable base for attaching crowns, bridges, or dentures. The firm foundation preserves a patient’s facial proportions and prevents the teeth from drifting out of their position.

Crown Lengthening

Our periodontist near you may conduct this procedure to create adequate room for the attachment of braces, dentures, and artificial crowns or to prevent the crown from appearing too close to the tooth’s gumline. If our dentist needs to work on a tooth to fill, clean, or rebuild its broken, decayed, or fractured areas beneath the gum line, we can do crown lengthening to provide access to the areas covered by the gums.

Gummy Smile Surgery

We conduct gum contouring when you have excess gum tissue surrounding the teeth. It is a procedure that works on teeth that look shorter than usual. We fix the seemingly shorter teeth by shaping the gum tissue around them to have an even gumline.

Gum Grafting

When the gum tissue wears away, you have more pronounced gaps between teeth and gum tissue. You may also have bone and tissue damage, thus risking tooth loss. Our periodontist in Mesa takes existing tissue and grafts it to encase the exposed portions of the teeth.

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No matter your treatment, we ensure you stay comfortable throughout the procedure. Our dentist administers sedatives like laughing gas to ease anxiety. We also use local anesthetic for numbing the tissues being worked on.

Contact us at Power Dental to get periodontics near you to help establish and keep a healthy mouth!

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