General Dentistry in Mesa, AZ

When you look for a dentist near you, such as in Mesa, AZ, you want to find one that offers general dentistry like ours here at Power Dental. You may think that every dentist in Mesa, AZ offers all services, but this may not be true. Whether it has been a while since you’ve gone to the dentist and need a new one or just looking to change doctors, finding one that offers general dentistry is very important. Let Power Dental be the one to take care of your oral health.

Why Do I Need General Dentistry?

General dentistry is important for you and your whole family. Before you look for an orthodontist or other type of dental specialist, you want to ensure you have a general dentist you can trust to handle all your basic care. The basics will keep you healthy most of the time; when you have a problem that needs a specialist, your general dentist can refer you to someone who can help.

General dentistry covers all the routine treatments and services you need. You visit a general dentist for exams, cleanings, tooth extractions, and whitening. These are the most basic services you can get from a dentist and the most important. We all know how we should go to the dentist every six months for exams and cleanings to keep our mouths healthy; many general services are just as important.

Tooth extractions are often necessary to keep your teeth healthy and prevent alignment issues. Even dental whitening can strengthen your teeth thanks to fluoride treatments used during the process.

Not only does our general dentistry cover your basic dental care needs, but we are there for your whole family, so you don’t have to find multiple dentists to see the kids. Stop by our clinic and get started getting the dental care you need for yourself and your whole family today.

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