Endodontics in Mesa, AZ

We visit the dentists as often as possible to care for our teeth. We brush, floss, rinse and try to maintain good oral hygiene. If we get a cavity, we go to get a filing, and if our teeth are not spaced out correctly, we go and get braces. One part of our teeth that never gets much attention and that many people overlook the internal parts of our teeth. The inside and root systems of the teeth are just as important as the outside of our teeth.

The part of dentistry that covers the inside of our teeth and roots is called endodontics. Endodontics is responsible for the procedures that save our teeth when they are severely damaged and in danger of falling out or needing to be pulled. If you require endodontic care, Power Dental in Mesa, AZ has you covered. Our dentists here at Power Dental in Mesa, AZ can treat patients with various endodontic issues.

Why Might I Need Endodontic Care?

There are a few reasons you may be prescribed some endodontic treatment by the dentists. Usually, if you get a cavity, the proper thing to do is get a filling. However, if the tooth decay is too severe, you may require more extensive treatment. The dentists may need to remove debris and damaged tooth pulp before patching the hole and fixing the problem. Tooth decay left unchecked can weaken your tooth and cause it to crumble from the inside out.

Another common reason for endodontic treatment is when a tooth’s root system becomes damaged or infected. The dentists will perform what is known as root canal therapy, where they go under the gumline to the root system, clean the debris, remove any damaged or infected roots, and then seal the root system again to prevent further damage. A tooth infection can be extremely dangerous, so treat it quickly.

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