Emergency Dentistry in Mesa, AZ

Many dental emergencies are characterized by pain and discomfort. Patients are in so much pain that they can’t wait the next morning or a few days to seek care. Power Dental is committed to promptly resolving your emergency dental problems. Our emergency dentists in Mesa, AZ are on standby, waiting to provide the assistance you need after an emergency incident.

Why Seek Emergency Care?

Patients should seek emergency care since it relieves pain and provides solutions to manage the problem. When you delay seeking emergency help, you allow a condition or injury to worsen. This could mean you have to face much more pain for an extended time. It also means the condition may worsen, making it costly to address.

Dental Emergencies We Address

Our emergency dentists take care of a broad array of emergency issues, including:

  • Incapacitating Tooth Pain- Don’t bear debilitating tooth pain while our trusted dental office can provide efficient solutions quickly to stop the pain and give you relief fast.
  • Knocked-Out Teeth- If your tooth is smashed out, you can save it. Call us within the hour if you need help reinserting it into the socket. We can put it back safely.
  • Lost or Loose Fillings- When a filling falls out, you could have severe sensitivity because the interior part or pulp region is exposed to elements. We can help replace the loose or lost filling, helping preserve your tooth’s integrity and health.
  • Tooth Abscess- These are among the most painful dental infections. Tooth abscesses should be looked at immediately. We can drain the pus discharge, stop the pain, and treat the tooth or gum to prevent additional harm.
  • Soft Tissue Injuries- You need urgent care whenever you have cut lips, tongue, or cheeks. Our emergency dentists in Mesa, AZ can stop the bleeding and pain and restore the cut area to prevent complications.

Call Power Dental whenever an emergency confronts you to allow our dentists near you to relieve and reinstate your oral health.

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