Dental Fillings in Mesa, AZ 

Did you know that getting a filling in a tooth isn’t painful when you choose gentle and caring dentists near you at Power Dental? A dental filling near you can often relieve the pain you’re experiencing from a decayed or damaged tooth! And when you factor in the many types of materials that can be used in modern dental repairs, including tooth-colored fillings offered by our dentists in Mesa, AZ, it just makes sense to visit our dentists near you for restorative tooth repair.

Choose the Option That’s Best for You

Not everyone wants an old-fashioned metal filling in their mouth, especially when achieving a natural-looking smile with a tooth-colored filling has never been easier. Our dentists will discuss all material options available for your dental restoration to make the best choice for your goals. Mostly, they recommend composite and ceramic fillings due to their advantages and aesthetics. The dental care team at Power Dental will design a treatment plan for your dental filling, including a comparison of materials, their costs, their advantages and disadvantages, and their respective durability.

In most cases, our dentists will complete the procedure in one appointment. However, if your filling is associated with an adjunct treatment such as a root canal, our dentists may place a temporary filling to allow time for your tooth to heal from its primary treatment. The temporary filling is designed to be precisely that – temporary – and needs replacement with a permanent filling within 30 days.

Our Goal for Your Smile

The goal of our dentists and the dental care team at Power Dental is to help our patients retain their natural teeth for a lifetime, and dental fillings are a great resource in accomplishing this goal. We recommend that you never ignore a painful or sensitive tooth. You may think the sensations you’re feeling are only temporary, but they could be a precursor to eventual tooth loss. Instead, call our office or make an appointment using our convenient online booking tool to schedule an examination and discovery about composite and ceramic fillings in Mesa, AZ today.

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