How Soon Following Tooth Extraction, Can You Get an Implant?

June 1, 2023

If scheduled for tooth extraction, you will consider replacing the missing tooth in your mouth at the earliest. However, you would not want the missing tooth to impact your aesthetic appearance or smile in addition to your mouth functionality.

A missing tooth is undoubtedly embarrassing and can cause frustration. However, if you want the optimal solution for replacing missing teeth dental implants, do you know how long you must wait for your tooth socket to heal?

Mouth Healing

After scheduling tooth extraction in Mesa, it helps to discuss how long you must wait before you can get a dental implant placed in the tooth socket. Tooth extractions are a significant procedure requiring you to wait for ten weeks after the procedure for dental implant placement. The waiting period is essential for the tooth socket to heal after tooth removal surgery.

If you discuss getting implants with the dentist before your procedure, they can examine your mouth and overall health, including the density of your jawbone, to determine whether you are fit enough to receive a dental implant immediately after a tooth extraction. The tooth position and the presence of infections also decide whether or not you can receive a dental implant soon after the procedure.

Determining by yourself whether you are a candidate for immediate dental implants is practically impossible because, in some cases, you might have to wait ten weeks before dental implant surgery. A comprehensive dentist and oral surgeon exam is the best way to ascertain whether you can receive a dental implant on the day of the extraction.

Are Dental Implants Worth Waiting for?

When you hear the dentist near you mention you must wait for two months before dental implant placement, you may wonder whether they are worth the effort and consider getting alternative solutions. However, the dentist in Mesa is an expert in dental implant surgery who believes dental implants are worth the wait because they are the best tooth replacement solution for patients. If you ask the Mesa dentist why you must consider waiting, you receive the following answers.

  • Dental implants last for life than dentures or bridges that need replacements with time.
  • The success rate of dental implants exceeds 95 percent indicating the implants placed in your jawbone will successfully integrate with it after receiving oral surgery to place the implant.
  • Dental implants resemble and mimic the natural tooth and stimulate your jawbone, encouraging regeneration.
  • Dental implants prevent jawbone resorption, which starts soon after getting a tooth extracted or missing one due to other reasons. The deterioration shrinks your jawbone by 25 percent over a year.
  • Dental implants function as a stable foundation for your natural-looking porcelain dental crown because the implanted titanium post mimics the natural tooth root you lost with your tooth.
  • When dental implants are embedded in your jaw, you can eat your favorite foods without the concern of the implants slipping, shifting, and embarrassing you.

Can You Get an Interim Tooth While Waiting for an Implant?

When receiving dental implants, the dentist near you inserts a titanium post in your jawbone to function as a placeholder for your artificial tooth. However, while waiting to receive a dental implant, you will have an edentulous socket in the mouth incapable of supporting a tooth. Therefore if you want a temporary tooth soon after tooth extraction, you can request the dentist for an interim solution by requesting a partial denture which you can discard later. While the temporary replacement will help close the gap between your teeth, the denture will require additional investment to satisfy your goal of hiding the empty void in your mouth to prevent embarrassment.

Instead of considering getting a temporary tooth to replace the extracted one, you benefit by planning and inquiring with the Mesa or local dentist whether you can receive a temporary crown over an implant by planning for implant placement before tooth extraction.

Tooth extraction is not a procedure where you arrive at the dentist’s office to get your tooth and leave the practice with a gap between teeth. If you want replacements, you must plan to receive your preferred solution for the missing tooth. Planning with the Mesa dentist and getting yourself examined for a dental implant will satisfy your goal of getting the best tooth replacement option with an artificial tooth on the day of the tooth extraction.

If you want a dental implant immediately after tooth extraction, you can discuss the procedure with Power Dental to determine eligibility. The dental practice can help you by examining your mouth and jawbone and even placing implants in your mouth with an artificial tooth immediately after tooth removal.

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